Monday, October 31, 2011

Community Monday: Giving Back

Yesterday I attended a memorial services for my neighbor and family friend Leonard. 

Leonard passed away this summer in Lima, Peru. He was 85 years old. 

After all the funeral service I have been attending recently, I thought Leonard's would be the easiest to deal with (emotionally that is). Although he lived a wonderful, long life, it was still so sad to see the people he left behind. Leonard will be truly missed by his family, his friends and his community. 

I bring up Leonard in today's blog post because Leonard was a man who gave back to his community in every way he could. He was not only an amazing husband, father, friend, business man and neighbor, Leonard was an inspiration. 

The Rabbi at the service told a story that I had never heard before about Leonard. One Day, Leonard went grocery shopping, bought his groceries and proceeded to leave. On his way out, he saw a homeless man. Leonard gave the entire contents of his shopping cart to this man. 

Not wanting to come home empty handed, Leonard returned inside the grocery store and once again filled his cart with food to bring home. After making his purchases, he chose to exit out a different door and met another homeless person. Leonard gave this man his groceries. 

Once again Leonard made the trip around the store to buy his groceries. For the 3rd time, Leonard found a person in need of food and donated his purchases. 

3 times! Can you imagine? Grocery shopping isn't a fast processes, and here Leonard donated his groceries 3 separate times before he bought his own food and continued home. 

This is one of many stories shared yesterday about a man who loved his fellow man. 

He is an inspiration to us all. Leonard did wonderful things for many people, the Seal Beach Community in particular will never forget him. 

So, on behalf of Leonard and the amazing gifts he gave us during his time on earth, I would like to share some of the projects I am currently working on in my community as well as the upcoming events that I will be supporting. 

Holiday Craft Fair, Long Beach                                                   November 5, 2011
Meet for the Mutts, El Dorado Park                                             November 6, 2011
Wetlands Trash Clean Up, Save Our Beach                              November 11, 2011
Friends of El Dorado Dog Park's Holiday Bone-Anza              December 3, 2011
Seal Beach Animal Care Center's Un-Party                              January 1, 2012
Run Seal Beach                                                                             April 21, 2012

And I am sure there will be more! But This is it for now. 

Happy Halloween everyone! 

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