Friday, October 28, 2011

Adventurous Friday: Canceled!

I have to cancel my blog topic for today. There is just no way I can blog about my past travels or the ones I have in the works without my right hand. 

I woke up this morning and something felt different. Well, the dog had snuck up onto the bed in the middle of the night(she is rather large, so how she didn't wake me I have no idea) but the monster in my bed wasn't my problem. 

I felt naked, although I was fully dressed. I couldn't pin point the problem and I was feeling distressed. It wasn't until I walked out the front door that I realized what I was missing. 


Sure, you might think I am being a little dramatic but I AM NOT! My cell phone is my right hand. (How I am even typing right now is beyond me!) My phone keeps me connected to the outside world, it keeps my schedules and it even keeps me company. (I know, I know, I am pathetic) But this is all true! 

Where did my cell phone go, you may ask?


My only assumption after tearing apart my house at 6am this morning is that I must have left it at Taco Surf, a restaurant by my house that has an excellent happy hour. No, No, I know what you are thinking.... I only had a beer, that couldn't have contributed to my right hands disappearance.  

I have a half hour more to wait until I can call and find out if my cell phone is there. I am crossing my fingers and toes! 

To my iphone:
Please come back! I will take much better care of you this time! I promise to try very hard not to drop you on the ground, or in a puddle of water on the counter or in the toilet (yes all these things have contributed to my past phone's demise) 

Here are some iphone related items from Etsy to keep me from rambling any more about my dang phone! 

iPhone case, pretty isn't it? 

iPhone themed nail art?? 
I know I said my iPhone is my right hand but.... this may be a little much lol. 

Tennis themed iPhone Case, Clever! 

This would have to be my FAVORITE iPhone case I have seen! 

I bet if I owned this, I wouldn't be having this problem right now! 

Only 26 more minutes until I discover whether I am phoneless or if my right hand has been discovered! Wish me luck! And laugh behind my back please.... not to my face ;) 

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  1. Una belleza, ya me pongo a hacer unos cuantos para regalar en NAVIDAD, excelente idea !! gracias