Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inspirational Thursdays: Saw Dust and Paper Scraps

For my first shot at Inspirational Thursdays, I want to point out a fellow blogger who has really inspired me. Both in my home, with my Etsy store and the reason I am working so hard on being a blogger. 

Sandra from Saw Dust and Paper Scraps is an inspiration to all women. 

She is woman and you can hear her roar! 

Daily I follow her blog posts about her home construction (yes she can even use a saw all on her own). From the girl whose boy friend doesn't event want her to use a pocket knife, Sandra is an idol! 

Sandra is constantly posting new ideas for her home, DIY Boot Camps, construction and craft projects she is working on and much more. It is fascinating for me to watch her built in closet go up. Who could have thought a petite woman such as Sandra could build an amazing closet! 

Saw Dust and Paper Scrap is not only my reason to work on my blog, but the reason I just recently finished putting in a pocket door in my condo! And after reading about her closet project (which looks amazing by the way) I can't help but imagine what I can do to my terribly laid out walk in closet! 
Sanda's closet project mid way. She built these boxes herself. Amazing right? 

Sandra doesn't just build craft rooms, walk in closets, kitchen cabinets and screen in her beautiful new porch. She is also a mother of what appears some very crafty children! 

Her daughter who shares my enthusiasm for Halloween is beginning her preparations for her Halloween Party. 

Aren't those just the cutest invitations you have ever seen!?! They are full of gummy candies. Yum! 

And one more to prove that Saw Dust and Paper Scrap is truly an inspirational crafter, blogger and woman. 

Washable, insulated lunch totes. This woman thinks of everything! Click here for tutorial. 

So Sandra.... if you ever see this post, I would like to say thank you. Thank you for showing us that power tools aren't just for men, that you can make an adorable craft with just about anything and showing us amateur bloggers what its like to have a fun, successful blog. 

Woohoo to Saw Dust and Paper Scraps! If you aren't following this blog yet, you had better! 

*** All of these photos are from the website of Saw Dust and Paper Scrap. 

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  1. Ahhh, thanks! I'm excited to see what you do with your walk in closet. (I have to point out that I didn't make that washable tote. That was a guest post by Zaaberry.) Thanks for your kind words of encouragement...they keep me blogging.

    :-) Sandra