Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Discovering Pinterest!

A friend of my recently turned me on to this site called 

BEWARE.... before you read any further, know that this site is VERY ADDICTING! 

Pinterest, in my opinion is great for Etsians who are looking for a little inspiration. Before I go any further in my explanation of my new found addiction please note: Pinterest is not for self promoting. This is not a great tool for advertising, however you will be surprised just how many people "pin" etsy items. 

Pinterest allows you to create an idea board. Whether you are gathering ideas for your home, DIY projects, travel destinations or special event ideas, the creative juices are flowing. 

How it works: 

Lets say I am searching the internet on how to make home made chalk paint, I find a recipe or a picture of a chalk board that I like, all I have to do is "pin" this item onto my creative idea board. Pinterest even gives you a little comment section on why you are pinning or liking this item. In other words, I found a chalk recipe and I write "LOVE THIS, need to make pink chalk paint" 


The more you pin the more people see your idea boards. Fellow pinterest users are welcome to follow your idea board, (for instance I have 3 followers on my Halloween idea board) or they can re-pin an item of yours onto their own idea board. 

What makes this so addicting? 

EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! Just sign up and you will see what I mean! I am sitting at work, trying very hard to focus on what I am getting paid to do and I think, hey.... I wonder if I can find an apron for my Halloween party. Next thing you know, I not only found the most adorable Halloween themed apron, I am creating a whole idea board for Halloween. I see others are re-pinning my pins so I go and see what their idea board is all about. This site sucks you in! and I love it! 

Apron made by 4RetroSisters

How I use Pinterest for my Etsy Store: 

My mind is always spinning on what I can create next. I am always looking up new ideas or finding a tutorial of from another crafter who has done something I would like to do. With Pinterest, I can track all my ideas and share them with others. Sometimes you can find people who have even made that recipe you are pining or they are interested in buying an item your thinking about making. How much fun is this?!? 

Here is my idea board for my Etsy shop, Window by the Sea. Maybe you will have ideas of your own!

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