Friday, February 17, 2012

Taylor the Sailor

A friend of mine sent me a blog this morning that really inspired me to actually use my blog. (I know, I know, I have been majorly slacking.... but if you knew the stress I was under recently, you would give me a break!) 

Anyways, the blog is called Splendid Designs. The author is an interior decorator, mother, party planner and much more I am sure. What caught my eye about her blog was her use of pinning. 

As you know, I love pinterest and any excuse to spend a few minutes day dreaming about what I could make or what I would like to do is such a nice break from reality. Splendid Designs uses her blog to share her pins and discuss some of her ideas for her interior design and party planning. I really liked her idea! 

So I thought I would share with you today my ideas I am working on for my spare room. I have picked up the project so many times and put it down. Mainly because it's my spare room and I don't actually go in there often, and also because I just can't decide what I want to do! 

I am going for a nautical theme inspired by my little sister. She started calling herself Taylor the Sailor around.... I think 5th grade? She isn't a sailor, and as far as I can tell she's not too involved with anything that has to do with the ocean or swimming.... but she is our Taylor the Sailor just the same. 

Taylor visited for Christmas and stayed with me. I always like to make her feel at home since our parents sold our childhood house. I made a very big attempt at Christmas to fix "her" room up to her liking. And with most things, I didn't really finish it. Sorry Taylor! (But I am trying... bit by bit!) 

Here are some of my visions for the Taylor the Sailor bedroom. 

Love this star fish garland. Beachgrasscottage makes it on Etsy for only $28! 

Loving the blue strip bed spread. I bought a very similar Tommy Hilfiger one! 
I love the bedspread but I thought it needed some color. So I added these cute red pillows from Delinda Boutique 
I had Maria, the Etsy shop owner make me 2 of these. They shipped from Bulgaria so they took their precious time getting here. Well worth the wait! 

This is basically the progress I have had so far, but I am not done imagining! 

Martha Stewart has a great tutorial on how to put together a photo collage. I am currently painting a bunch of old picture frames red, to go with the the red accent pillows. I have never been a real fan of red but, I am hoping these picture frames are just what my room needs to really stand out! (If not, I can always repaint them my favorite go to color... white!) 

Now the next thing I want to work on is our side tables. Currently I have 1 side table, and a too large for the bedroom book shelf. (Although the bookshelf is an antique from my grandmother that I absolutely love... it really isn't working in my Taylor the Sailor bedroom) 

I am thinking a little something like this

I will be using a window frame for the head board (of course I am!) and I plan on painting that red as well. But I really like the idea of using paddles, so I might try this too. 
And of course, no nautical room is complete without the use of a anchor or a captain wheel 

The boat bookshelf is pretty cute too! 

The only thing I have no clue what direction take is with the closet. The spare room closet currently holds all of Ron's clothes. (Because I am a girl and I can't share closet space... sorry Ron!) 

The closet is small, and at one point had sliding doors that we removed in order to utilize the entire space. Now it's just an eye sore. I have to come up with something cute, that doesn't make the small bedroom feel any smaller and something easy to manage. If I add something that makes it a pain for Ron to get into his closet, he won't be a happy camper. Any suggestions? 

And as always, I will make a VERY big attempt to take photos of the finished product. But you know taking photos isn't my specialty. Luckily Ron just met a amazing photographer! Nick and his family have become good friends. Hopefully I can convince Nick to help me take photos of my finished products so that I can actually share them with you! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Creative Rut= Lots of Random Projects

So, I meant to post this on Monday of this week on my new website. But, because I totally wordpress e- literate, I haven't been able to figure it out! Now it's Friday and I am even more projects to share! I guess I should start with last weekend and work my way up from there... 

I  keep complaining that I am in a creative rut. I look in my work area and see only un-loved and un-touched windows that need my attention. Although I see the need, (and notice my Etsy store declining daily in views) I have had a  hard time getting started. I don't know what created this rut. It may be due to stress at work, the workouts I have been doing at the butt crack of dawn that make me soooo tired, or that I can't stand the time change and working in the dark. Maybe it's a combination of all 3. Whatever the case may be, I need some new inspiration!

As I ramble away about the rut I am stuck in and the new website  issues I have been having, I search through the photos I took last weekend and realize, I HAVE been creative! Or, I should say, Ron has.

We completed 2 projects last weekend that I am incredibly proud of. The first: Our new front door mat. I found the tutorial through Pinterest.  I immediately begged Ron to help me with it, (AKA do it for me.) I know, I know, I am woman hear me roar... but power tools stil scare me. It's something I am working on in 2012.

Anyways, our front door mat turned out amazing!

Ron hard at work... after cutting and sealing the redwood, he drilled holes and looped rope together. All together, the project cost $30.00

Finished product. Nice right? I was pretty proud... and yes, I will take come credit as I came up with the idea! Or maybe I should say, I came across the idea... whatever.

Another project we did last weekend that I will take some credit for is, we built blocks! Yes, blocks. That doesn't sound too exciting but it was the best project Ron and I have done in a while. I made these blocks for my cousin's son Cameron (they call me Aunt Lauren so I felt like my birthday gift had to top everyone else's.)

Ron cut the blocks out of redwood and I went to town sanding and painting. I meant to take a photo of Cameron playing with his new toys but, I didn't have a chance to watch him play! He is only one-year-old so he may not be interested in them unless they are in his mouth but, I made them all the same!

I need to get a great photo of Cameron playing with these, but until I do... you get the idea! 

He's a cute little guy, isn't he!?! 

Stay tuned... my project this weekend includes a front door! Watch out creative rut... I may get rid of you yet!