About Me

Have you ever driven down an alley, seen an item that has been discarded by its previous owner and thought, "hey, I could use that" This is how I began Window By The Sea. My Name is Lauren Tellkamp and along with my very supportive boy friend, we make old purposeless items into new treasures. By taking unwanted old window frames from homes all throughout California, we turn an outdated window into a Authentically Shabby Chic Window Frame Chalk Board or Cork Board. 

I started this blog as another outlet for my creativity. In high school, I was inspired by my English teacher to be a writer. I went to college with the idea in mind that my words could change the world. The real world caught up to me and I quickly found other forms of creative outlets while I learned what being a "real adult" was all about. 

I have created this blog to share a bit about my craft, the crazy ideas I am up to along the way and to share a bit about who I am and what has brought me here. I love being apart of the Etsy community, and just recently began a Meet and Greet to share my enthusiasm for all things creative!