Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spotlight Wednesday: Selfish me!

My intentions on Wednesdays are to spotlight other Etsy stores other than my own. However, I am just too excited about these new windows that I made, I can't possibly wait my turn! And besides, it is my own blog.... right? 

Here is a sneak preview of my newest window frame chalk boards that are not even on my Etsy store yet! 

Chalk Board/ Picture Frame OR White Board, You Choose! 

This is one of my new favorites! Found in a back alley in Seal Beach, my friend Alicia called me up after a night at Clancy's Neighborhood Bar to tell me she found these discarded treasures. 

This window frame chalk board is similar to the one above but is painted in a "dolphin blue". Top row can either hold photos or be used as a white board. Backing is changeable and customizable at any time! Change these out for the holidays! 

Hang notes, grocery lists, business cards or even jewelry! This was made from a discarded window frame where the glass was in terrible condition. We removed the glass, gave it some love and Tada! Repurposing at its best! 

Hope you like my new creations! These will be up on Window by the Sea this weekend! 

If you can't wait until then, message me and we can work something out. Remember Christmas is right around the corner! 

Oh, and I almost forgot! To make room in my work shop for new window frames that are on the way, I am offering free shipping on select items in my Etsy Store

Coupon Code: OutWithTheOld 

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