Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Crafty Tuesday: Hey good lookin, what you cookin!?!

I seem to find myself scheduling any of my free time with new fundraising efforts. So today, I want to focus on my craft and show you what I am working on! 

Or at least what I would like to be working on.... 

This window frame chalk board/ shelf is something my friend Katie Irvine showed me. She is coming up will all sorts of fabulous ideas for Window by the Sea. 

Check out Katie's Pinterest Board dedicated to me! 

My favorite of Katie's ideas would have to be the DIY chalk board paint. Who doesn't want a pink chalk board? 

This is from good old, Martha Stewart. Thanks Martha! 

And one more to get us really excited! 

Cute right? I thought so! 

I will have my own photos of my work up soon, so check back later for progress updates! 

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