Thursday, October 27, 2011

Inspirational Thursdays: Fall is in the Air!

I have a confession to make, I am a bit of a planner. 

Obviously I like to plan fundraisers and special events, that isn't what I am embarrassed about. I plan my day at work, (that is productive) I plan my weekends, (which is usually fun) but what I hate to admit is that I even plan my down time. 

For instance, after I got off work last night I knew my plan; I would go home, take the dog on a walk, jump in the shower, cook the easiest dinner I could come up with and then I would put my butt onto my couch and not get up until I was ready for bed. Pathetic right? 

Well last night, with my plan in mind, I get home to a miracle. My boyfriend Ron wants to go grocery shopping with me! 

I am not over exaggerating here, this really is a spectacular occurrence for him. If we ever have to go to the grocery store together, it is either extremely short where I forget most things I intended to  buy and leave rather irritated OR I have a whining two year old for a boy friend who can't hurry me fast enough. 

Needless to say that when he proposed the idea of going to the grocery store, together..... well, I was a little in shock. I have to admit I hesitated for a bit because really, who wants to be rushed while grocery shopping? 

I took my chances and we headed over. This is where the real miracle set in! Not only did he patiently wait for me to stroll through each isle (one of my favorite things to do) searching for inspirations for dinners to cook but he even helped! 

Who is this man and what did you do with my Ron? It felt like cheating but I loved it! 

To make a long story short, we walked down each isle at the grocery store and discussed possible dinner menus when Ron said, "isn't this an inspirational thing you can write about? How the weather is inspiring you too cook all these warm cooked meals?" 

This is why I love this man.... or at least one of the reasons! 

Fall is here and if you can't tell by the cold weather we are beginning to experience (I know, Southern California weather is nothing to complain about) than you should be able to tell by all the candy that is strategically placed at the end of each isle of your local store. 

And don't forget the pumpkin pie! Cans of pumpkin puree are everywhere! Where were you pumpkin puree when I was shopping for this recipe last month? 

Chicken, Roast Poblano, Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup
(mine for the record did not turn out this pretty, or tasty) 

My other weather inspired meals to make this week: 

Chicken Pot Pie
Recipe from Smitten Kitchen 

Curried Butternut Squash Soup 
Recipe from Food Network 

Sausage Ratatouille 

Home Made Chili 
Recipe from Mom's Who Think 

Hope these recipes inspire warmth! 

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