Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crafty Tuesday: and a tumble I go

I have to be honest, I am not feeling too crafty today. This may be due to the fact that I took a tumble down my stairs last night. I am feeling like a semi truck hit me, backed up over me and then hit me one more time just for good measure. 

The positive thing about this is, my left shoulder injury doesn't hurt nearly as bad today as the whole right side of my body does! 

They use to call my Spaz in junior high and high school. I don't think I out grew my name! 

ok, ok, back on topic..... 

Crafty Tuesday.... I haven't done a whole lot of creating this week. This weekend, when I normally do all my work, was primarily taken up by helping a friend of mine move. So, as far as my Etsy shop is concerned, no new items for sale! But don't you worry, I am getting back on that horse just as soon as my head stops spinning! 

In my process of Chabby Chic-ing everything I see or touch, I found this paint. It is called chalk paint. Not chalk board paint but chalk paint. 

I originally discovered this idea (still in the works) on Miss Mustard Seed's blog. She seems to swear by it. I loved all her photos of her DIY furniture she created completely out of chalk paint. 

From the table, to the dresser to the corner cabinets, I LOVE this furniture! 

This paint is called Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint. With more researched I learned that I could easily love this product! Although I have not made my purchase yet, I am told with this non acrylic paint, you do not need a primer or to sand! WHAT!?!? I know, exciting isn't it! 

My last DIY shabby chic project was one of those, I wish I never started this kind of project. This chalk paint, with the help of different waxes looks like just the paint for me

Now my only problem is.... what color do I choose!?! Of course I want to do every piece of furniture I own in this style now! But I think I will start with my two bedside tables.... 

Lots to think about! 

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