Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inspirational Thursdays: A home away from home

These past two weeks have been so incredibly hectic! Trying to keep up at work, juggling my seemingly small social life, keeping all my extra curricular organized. It makes me stressed out just thinking about it! 

Last night could have been the icing on the cake. After coming home from a fundraising meeting, I get a phone call. Butters, my cat from college who had abandoned me over a year ago for a neighbor who served better cat food, was in need of a home. Why this thief decided she all the sudden wanted to return my cat is beyond me. But I have to say, I am a little grateful to have Butters  home. (Just don't tell Ron, he hates cats!) 

Butters had been gone for a little over a year. I saw him from time to time but as far as I was concerned this ungrateful cat had moved on and so had I. I had donated to the Seal Beach Animal Care Center all his toys, cat carrier, litter box, litter and food. Butters didn't want to be my cat anymore, so I didn't want to be his owner. 

Last night changed all of that. 

Taking Butters into my arms and walking the few short blocks to our house, I remembered what fun Butters and I use to have. Butters was my "Chico Kitty". He grew up in the sloppiness of my college days, bounced around from apartment to apartment with me, and put up with all my lazy days. That cat and I sure knew how to cuddle! On a Sunday afternoon, you could find Butters and  I curled up in my bed watching tv, happy as can be. 

Once, Butters and I were living in a "tree top apartment" or a converted attic apartment (but tree top sounds so much cutter). We have a lot of nasty crows in Chico. When I say nasty, these crows seriously had it out for Butters. They would sit at the window and squawk and squawk at him. If Butters went outside, these nasty little devils would follow him and drop things on him! It was amazing to see how one animal could intentionally torture the other. 

Of course at some point, I couldn't just let Butters get tortured while I sat back and watched. So I did what any mother would do, I borrowed a BB gun and sat myself on the porch waiting for those damn birds. Butters had to have known what I was up to because he sat down on the chair beside me and waited too! Needless to say, no crow was every hurt but Butters and I had fun scaring them off! 

I miss Northern California and I have missed that cat. Although Butters will be making Ron angry and Sydney (our dog) jealous, I am glad he is home to remind me that I wasn't always a beach girl. 

In honor of Butters returning to my little family, here is some Northern California Style. I hope to one day make it back there, maybe a little log cabin in the woods? We will see! 

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