Friday, November 18, 2011

Adventurous Friday: Friends Giving

Last night Ron and I went to "Friends Giving" A co-worker of Ron's have a Thanksgiving Feast for their friends every year a week before Thanksgiving. We were fortunate enough to be invited. 

I say fortunate because Ron and I don't have a ton of friends in Southern California. So it was a little out-of-our-box, so to speak to go to something like this. But we are glad we did! Not only did we meet some pretty amazing people but we had a fabulous feast! I am still full from all the delicious turkey, stuffing and mac n' cheese. ( I had to throw this in there because I made the mac n' cheese and though I was a little embarrassed about bringing a non holiday dish, my homemade mac n' cheese was very popular!) 

Anyways, Ron and I met a couple who seemed as creative as we are. They both do flower arrangements as a little side job like we do Windows by the Sea! We spoke about creating chalk boards to go inside their succulent center piece arrangements. 

This got Ron and I's creative juices flowing! I can't wait to come up with something that will work for a table top arrangement! 

Hopefully we can jump on these creative ideas soon. For now, I am forced to paint my hallway. (you know that pocket door I bragged about, ya I still haven't painted it. Talk about procrastination!) 

Well here is this Mac N' Cheese that everyone was so fond of! 

And it's really easy to make! 

Toni Rendon's Mac N' Cheese (thanks for sharing this recipe with me Toni!) 

Cheddar Cheese Soup (1 Can) 
A little Milk 
Sharp Cheddar Cheese - ( a lot of it!) 
Salt and Pepper to taste! 

Easy as that and super delicious! Kraft, I may give you a run for your money with this recipe! 

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