Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: The Pinterest Challenge

Today I am feeling slightly better from my very embarrassing struggle with my stairs on Monday. At least my headache is gone and I am feeling a tad bit smarter again! 

My friend Katie sent me this blog today. I usually follow Young House Love because they have the most adorable ideas. Their idea today has just inspired all my creative juices. 

Thanks for kicking me in the butt Katie, it's just what I needed! 

The Challenge: Actually make your own rendition of what you are pinning. 

Like Young House Love, I too am addicted to pinterest. I have to constantly remind myself throughout the day that, A: I am at work and B: I have to actually earn my paycheck. 

If I could make a career out of pinning all day, I would do it! It is just so much fun! Thanks to Pinterest, I now feel I need a new larger house for all my ideas. (Ron and I bought our condo last October but with all my new ideas, I am just ready for something new!) Guess I had better start making some big bucks! 

Anyways, Young House Love is doing another Pinterest Challenge. 

I am so up for this challenge! Its what I need to kick my creative butt in gear! (just not down the stairs) 

So here I go.... hopefully by Friday I will have some fabulous updates for you all. I am thinking Thanksgiving themed table settings..... hmmmm the ideas I could come up with! 

Happy Pinning! 

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