Monday, April 2, 2012

Hunger Games: Practical Jokes!

My Friend Katie from The Bloom Commissary blogged about a conversation she had with her boyfriend about who would win the hunger games. 

Me: So I'm pretty sure I would survive longer in the Hunger Games than you would.
Bryston: Cool
Me: Just cool? That's all you have to say about that?!
Bryston: Ya, just cool. It's not a real thing so I don't feel like I should have to worry about it.
Me: Well that's disappointing.

This got me to thinking, how could I win the Hunger Games? OR better yet, How could I turn this into a great practical joke? (Yes, I am a dork) 

The perfect opportunity came when Katie asked to borrow my cowboy boots for a concert. As a good friend, I of course said yes. Katie was completely caught off guard when she slipped her foot into my boot only to find a "snake" that I had made out of paper perfectly placed inside the toe. 

When unwrapped my snake read: 

Katie, if we were in the Hunger Games and this was a real venomous snake.... you would die and I would win! Game over! :) 

Clearly I thought I was hilarious! And I hope to inspire you to keep the practical jokes going as you try and win your own version of the Hunger Game. (Just so we are clear, I don't actually want anyone to "die") 

Now that I have the Hunger Games on the brain, here are a few items I am loving right now made by my fellow estians. 


  1. I am a hunger games junkie! Cute stuff from etsy

    1. Me too! I read all 3 books in about a week! Talk about no sleep, I was obsessed! You will have to share your thoughts on The Host. I am ready to start a new book!

  2. Thanks so much for including our decal! :)