Friday, April 27, 2012

Blow me off but don't bring me down!

I am sad to report, I was blown off today! Normally on Fridays I do a feature but today, I checked my email to find that I had no responses. I have been dumped! 

I had these great ideas on how I would tie in my morning debacle of having the chaos of packing for a weekend getaway, my truck running out of gas (resulting in Ron and I pushing it down the street) and how life goes on blah blah blah featured artist blah blah.... (if you knew the artist that blew me off, well then this story ties in real well!) 

Anyways, I'm sitting here, stuck in the office on this beautiful day watching the clock tick by.  A slew of angry customers (from my day job) continue to call and even though I am dealing with problem after problem AND then I find I was blown off, I am not letting my mood decline. Why, you ask? Because this weekend I am headed to Sonoma Ca for a weekend of wine tasting with old college friends! 

Here is the itinerary (I find it hilarious so I had to post!) 

Opening thoughs:
'Twas the night before Passport 
And all though the state
Friends prepare for the most epic trip to date! 

The Meat:
Here is the plan as I know it. Passport weekend officially starts tomorrow. We all get to leave the ant-farm for a few days and travel to the majestic region formally known as, Sonoma-town. 

Friday:  Steve & Katie (SK) as well as Ron & Lauren (RL) head from the Southland after work, thinking, "Wahoo! It's Friday!!!". Immediately followed by, "OMFG! I'm in a car!". After SK+RL get over the shock of being in a motor vehicle, they route said motor vehicles toward Glen Ellen. Due to fluctuating schedules and shit, we don't have any plans on Friday night and will play it by ear. 
  • RL will be getting in late; They're rock-stars and will be driving from Huntington Beach. The most likely scenario is SK + R-solo kick it at Mary & Gregs after dinner drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Mary & Greg have guests in the guest room on Friday night, so SK will be in Siena's room and RL have the choice of inside, the porch, or the tree-house on a camp-futon (big foam thinger-bopper). RL, Please bring sleeping bags if you have them, otherwise we could probably use Mary & Greg's, but I haven't confirmed this - They will provide the futon. I'll be in the tree-house most likely, so I vote we have a slumber party. 
Saturday: Explore! No, seriously, I'm serious. The plan is to do some hiking around Glen Ellen or Sonoma. Dan & Sam (DS) are inbound on Saturday morning, so, we'll need to be motivated to move by the time they show up. We're on our own for cooking breakfast, but Mary said she'll have the fridge stocked with breakfast food. At some point we'll figure out what to do for lunch. I'm thinking the Deli in Glen Ellen (or its sister store in Sonoma) would be a good option, but there are plenty of other options, too. No plan for the afternoon. We can hang at Mary & Greg's if we're tired of being hard core explorers or we can definitely keep on looking at things and shit. For dinner on Saturday, we need to decide if we're going out (to Indian?) or BBQ-ing. We have been offered use of the BBQ if we are interested. 
  • On Saturday, DS & SK have to roshambo for the guest room, winner gets the office ;) RL, your options are the same as Friday. I'm still planning on being in the tree-fort. 
Sunday: PASSPORT! For reals, this is the day we've been waiting for. We'll grab breakfast, nurse the hangovers, and roll-out. We're gonna rage all day sipping the nectar of the gods and eating the most bomb shit you've ever seen. That's all there is to it. We'll probably borrow Mary & Greg's SUV so we can all fit in one car. If/when we're hungry for dinner, and back in Glen Ellen, I think we should hit up Jack London Saloon and grab burgers like last year. That was bomb. 
  • Sleeping arrangements are the same as Saturday night. 
Monday: Boo, now it is over and we all head home. We'll grab/cook breakfast if you all don't have to leave too early. We will also set calendar appointments for 02/01/2013 so we can remember to buy tickets for next year! Wahoooo!

So there is the plan! I'll be posting lots of photos on Monday of the extravaganza! 

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