Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Meets: I'm not feeling social today

I have to be honest. I am a little burnt out on my features. It isn't because I don't enjoy them. I love to write, I love to meet new people, and I love to see what awesome stuff is on Etsy. 

But sometimes, a girl just needs a break! So this is me, taking a break. 

Besides, I have a weekend to share with you! 

Remember the cupcakes I told you about? The ones I planned on making for my neighbor's 4-year-old daughter? 

Cute and simple right? Shouldn't be too hard to make.... right? WRONG! 

These "simple and cute" cupcakes were a huge pain in the butt! And of course, I wanted my cupcakes to look as adorable as possible. 

I started this production on Wednesday night making 2 types of fondant. THANK GOD I did. One fondant I made was out of marshmallows. (Talk about a sticky mess!) The other fondant was out of all that really bad stuff... Crisco shortening and corn syrup. 

After making each. I figured the corn syrup mixture would be the easiest to work with. After all, it was much easier to mix together and it was pink. Clearly my favorite choice. 

On Thursday I did the ultimate test. I let Mia (the birthday girl) choose which fondant taste best. She liked them both. Of course she did. What was I thinking? She was turning 4 after all. 

After searching the Internet, I finally found a cookie cutter shaped princess crown from Tin Works on Etsy. Larry from Tin Works was so great! I was worried I wouldn't get it in time. I asked if I could pay extra for expedited shipping. He assured me that my cookie cutter would get to me without delay. AND he was so right! 2 days later I received a package in the mail from South Carolina. Larry, your fantastic! And so was your cookie cutter! 

See how cute the crown is standing up on the cupcake? Ya, that was look I was going for. 

Let me tell you, this isn't easy. Perhaps if your a cake extraordinaire, but this was my first attempt at cupcake decorating. I think my expectations were a little higher than they should have  been. 

I stayed up until midnight on Friday making my cupcakes and praying I could get the fondant to stand, I only slept 5 short hours worrying about the outcome. Finally on Saturday I woke up with a new idea in mind, my cupcake design was going to have to change. 

Pink fondant using corn syrup wasn't going to make the cake. Pun intended. I ended up using the marshmallow fondant. 

I still think they came out pretty cute. 

The theme of the party was princesses and pirates. In case you were wondering! 

The cupcake toppers I used are from Below Blink. They did not disappoint! Super cute! 
And I was so grateful I bought these, because I was not enjoying rolling out and cutting out fondant for hours! 

Moral of the story: I won't be quitting my day job to start a cupcake decorating business. But I did enjoy it, and both kids and adults loved these. So, ultimately I was pretty proud of myself. 

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