Friday, May 11, 2012

Fabulous Friday with Toy Box Flame of Silver

Here is an embarrassing secret for you. 

I had stuffed animals far into my teen years. No, no.... it really was embarrassing.  

Oh, and I use to suck my thumb until I was at least 7. Wait, no I didn't want to tell you that. 

I had stuffed animals in bed with me every night, until I met Ron who was a little disturbed by my horse ginger and Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch) taking up half the bed. 

I love stuffed animals. Cuddly, cute, and always ready to show you some love. Being 25 years old now, I don't get away with having them as much as I would like. I do still have a stuffed horse or two around my room, but they are no longer invited on the bed. (The nerve! Sorry guys!) 

When I met Korinne Wiese and her adorable stuffed creations, I secretly wished that stuffed animals were invited on my bed. 

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Tell us a bit about yourself

I live in Augusta, Wisconsin and I am a stay at home mom that knits and crochets to bribe myself to keep the houseclean. Clean for 10 minutes during the commercials (Thank you DVR!) and I can work on projects while my show is on!

When did you first discover Etsy? 

I discover Etsy in 2008 when I was looking for an amigurumi tea set pattern. I wanted to make it for my daughter’s 2nd birthday.
Our family of 5 was living in my parents’ basement due to this wonderful economy and my husband’s company wasn’t paying well and there were literally no jobs in the community we were living in. Okay there was 3: a nursing job (I don’t have the requirements), a pyramid scam, and the topless bar. I wasn’t interested in any of them.
I had 2 totes full of yarn, a box of patterns, every size and type of knitting and crochet needle available to man (Thank you yard sales and Michael’s moving sale!), and our laptop. I figured I had all I needed to attempt to bring in extra cash to get us our own place.

Apart from creating things, what do you do?

I chase after our rather mischievous 2 year old girl and play with our older kids, 7 and 5. I love to be outside and walk and swim. I love baking, games, and reading.

 Is Etsy your full time or part time business?

Etsy is more part time than full time. I do my internet stuff while the kids watch their shows and create while I watch mine. I would love to be full time as I would really love to keep busy when all 3 kids are in school, but ABSOLUTELY DETEST the idea of a part time job outside the house.

 What other avenues, if any do you share your work with the world?

I have my Etsy shop and a lot of social media which are my main outlets. If I can get my inventory up, I would really love to do a couple of craft shows this fall and Christmas.


What steps do you take in your creative process? 

It is rather simple for me. I see a pattern and think “I want to make that!” or “That is the coolest yarn! What can I use that for?” Then I gather the supplies I want to do and sit in my corner of the couch and start right in!

What is your favorite item in your shop and why?

My favorite item is my Jemima Puddleduck. The basic pattern was fun and simple and then dressing her up was wonderful! I just love the softness of the yellow yarn on her body!

What is your favorite part of being a part of the Etsy 


I love how helpful the teams are and the only time you find negative comments are in threads that usually have a complaint in the title so you can easily steer away from them!

Who or what has been most influential in being where you are today? 

At first I didn't have support, no discouragement, just no cheerleaders in the background. Then I made my first sale and my husband was very excited for me and would run through a check list with me on things that could possibly bring my customer back. After a few more sales, my mother in law is bringing me yarn that her mother never got around to using. She has also sent over a beautiful doll with a crochet dress that Grandma used to make and sell in hopes that I can copy it.

Who is your most influential Etsian? 

The most influential Etsian for me is Michelle and Dave from EviesToolEmporium and the thread they are faithful about participating in Drive You Etsy Business. They are always encouraging and usually have the right questions to get my thinking.

When did you know you were an artist/maker?

I have been crocheting since I was 10 and taught myself how to knit about 4 years ago, but I didn't realize I was any good until I made an elephant for my nephew and my macho man brother :P told me that he didn't realize I was talented. I was just enjoying what I was doing and needed something to do with my hands while I was watching TV or movies.

How do you get out of your creative ruts?

Where would you like to be in ten years?

I am just starting out and would love to do this full time when the kids are all in school. I did it because I had to, but I never really liked working in a "real" job and having to wake up early or deciding if I really was "that sick" to call in and use a vacation day and all that nonsense. My Etsy shop I love to work on and I don’t mind spending time on, though I occasionally burn out on all the computer “chores”. I want our family to have our own house with enough room to have my own office/craft closet. Yes, I said closet. I like to create my projects in the same room as my family, but supplies need a better home than under foot.

If you could share one tip with a new Etsy seller, what is the most important thing to learn and why? 
Always use all 5 picture slots. It was 1 of my first mistakes and I see it time and again when newbies ask for a shop critique.

Favorite Recipe? 

My favorite recipe is Grandma’s Chicken Casserole


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out! We are honored to be the most influential Etsian! It is fun getting to know a member of the Etsy community better!