Monday, May 7, 2012

Excuse me, do you live here?!?

I am going against the grain again this Monday, (last week I was a flake, this week I'm being selfish) and talk about myself and the weekend I have had. Sorry Monday Meets, but you'll have to wait until you hear THIS! 

It's old news that I don't particularly love Southern California. True, I love living by the beach and I love being with my family (can't complain about that!) BUT I have never been a huge fan of the traffic, the rushed life style, or the people.... (sorry!) 

Of course, lots of people in Southern California are nice! I would know, I do have friends! (I think?) But Southern Californians are no where near as friendly as our Northern neighbors. Why? Probably because deep down, no one enjoys sharing their small space with one another. I know I don't. 

My point is, (if I ever had a point) that people can be downright mean. I am serious, how hard is to to flash a smile at the people passing by? Be friendly people! 

Yesterday, Ron and I had a little photo shoot for the window frame chalk boards that I am selling in Hapa Collective (my first retail location, so exciting!). We have been playing around with photos, I haven't been in love with any of our product photography. 

We went from this: 

To this: 

To this: 
Of the three, I like the first and last the most. The chalk board hanging by a rope from the tree, is my favorite because I just love that tree. As far as product photography goes, the third photo (with the hands) highlights our chalkboards the most. But do you know how hard it is to lift a 30 lbs object over your head as someone slowly takes photos of it?!?! 

a little to the left... no, more to the right. COME ON ALREADY!! 

Needless to say, Ron and I wanted to come up with something that was easy to photograph and highlighted the product I am selling. 

2 blocks from our little condo is another condo complex. The city of Huntington Beach built a new fence a few months ago separating the condo complex from the side walk. I would assume that this is city property and not the condo complexes' property, but I could be wrong. (I have never been much for following rules)

Anyways, Ron and I are minding our own business, taking photos using the fence as our back drop when a lady in a pick up truck pulls up next to us. 

"Excuse me, do you live here?" That is a simple enough question, I can answer that honestly, right? 

"No, I don't. We just live down the street." Nice enough answer. At this point, I am thinking this lady is going to ask me what I am up to. Maybe she likes my chalkboards? I mean, it isn't every day you see people with a half dozen chalk boards filling the side walk. 

"You can't park here." gee, thanks lady.... 

"Oh, we will only be here a few moments" I say in my sweetest most innocent voice possible. 

"If you don't live here, I'll call and get you towed. I don't think you should even be leaning those things up against our fence." Really lady, really?!?! Like I am harming someone?

"Okay, I'm sorry, I'll move" I say, even sweeter but slightly shocked this time. 

"Right now, I'll wait for you" she glares at me. 

You have got to be kidding me! What a B*tch! I mean really, we were there for a total of 5 minutes!?!? I couldn't even believe what had just happened! 

For fear that she was serious, and she was going to call the police, I did what any coward would do, I did what I was told and left. Why? Because my bark is meaner than my bite. Sometimes I really do hate this place! 

Good news is, we got a lot of great photos in before nasty B*tch made us leave. 

Bad news, I just added another point on my cons list of living down here. 

I hope that lady feels really good about herself. She can take her crappy old parking spot and city owned fence! I hope I never see her again! 

On that note, Happy Monday everyone! :) 


  1. Those photos do look good! This is a great story illustrating why I live in MT! I think this might be a case of doing a little research. Check out if it is public space, or if you need permission from the property owner. Then, next time, you can say confidently to the busy body, "Hey, I have the answer; have a nice day," and go about your photography. - Amy (

    1. I think your right Amy, I do need to know the law so that I can stick it to her next time! Thanks for the compliment! We really are working hard on our product photos!

  2. So unfortunate that the lady couldn't be more kinder to you. No reason to threaten to toll your car! Your product photos look great - I would suggest adding some contrast in a photo editing program (GIMP is free) to make 'em pop and stand out. :D

    1. Thanks Katy! I just edited these photos and added them to my Etsy store. check them out! I'm not brilliant with photo editing, but I try! If you have any simple tips, let me know! I love photo advice, or any advice really!