Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day Light Savings Was All I Needed!

It's truly amazing how a little sunlight can change your entire motivation! 

Typically, I come home from my day job, exhausted, defeated, and ready to hunker down and call it a day. I hardly want to make dinner let alone continue crafting. My attitude changed overnight as I woke up to a new day full of more evening sun light! 

This past week I have been coming up with new ideas, changing my facebook, blog, Etsy store and website as well as driving Ron crazy with my back and forth ideas on our little condo. (Sorry Ron!) I blame Pinterest for all of my new household ideas! 

Here is a few things that I am working on now.... (not my photos but here is a sneak peak of the direction I am headed) 

Mason Jar lids with chalkboard paint? I think yes! But wait.... I have a new twist! 
Perks of working for a powder coating company! American PVD

And finally, a little experimenting with glass paint! 

Although I am experimenting with my love for Mason Jars and chalk paint, I  still found time to make more window frame chalkboards! 

I have a few new ideas for my window frame chalkboards too! Can't wait to share! Check back soon to see my progress (finally!) 

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