Thursday, March 22, 2012

Understanding 10 Easy Blog Tips

I am constantly searching for ideas, tips and inspirations on where to take my blog. Writing comes naturally to me but blogging does not. My top favorite blogs all have a directions. For example, Saw Dust and Paper Scraps, one of my all time favorite blogs writes mainly on DIY topics and household renovations. She may stray from time to time but her entire message is consistent. 

I struggle with consistency on a regular basis. On one hand, I would like to relay to my readers that I am a crafter and an entrepreneur trying to shine through Etsy. On the other hand I would like to show who I really am which is not only a crafter but a traveler, a designer, a chef, a big sister, a lover and hater of working out, a horseback rider,a community volunteer, an animal lover and much much more. How do I relay all the different aspects of my life and continue with a constant message for my readers? How important is sharing the "real you" on your blog? 

This morning, I was happy to come across a blog post by 504 Main  (thank you Pinterest) where the author Holly discusses her same struggles within her blog. Her 10 Easy Blog Tips was just what I needed to read this morning while sipping coffee from my mason jar. (Oh. another aspect of my life, I am obsessed with mason jars! In my opinion everything taste better in a mason jar!) 

I read a lot of these tips for bloggers. Each one seems to have a conflicting message. Some say to keep it short, others say pour your heart out. WHICH IS IT!?!?! The back and forth can drive any girl crazy. Holly seems to know just what I am talking about. Her #1 tip: 

1. Be who you want to be – if you want to cook one day, craft another, and write a creative story another day, do it. It is your blog and you have to own it and love it. Some will tell you to find a niche, and that is OK too. For me personally I love to cook, and write and craft and I want to share it all. 

Thank you Holly! This is exactly what I needed to hear this morning. Perhaps my next blog post will be about how much I hate/love (I think) P90X or how my best friend started a fitness group, Fitness in Bloom that starts tomorrow. (I have no idea how anyone could possibly enjoy being sore like this! I can't even walk up my stairs!) Or maybe I will blog about the weekend volunteering at the Seal Beach Animal Care Center. Who knows! But I will stick to Holly's advice and be who I want to be! 

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  1. I read this when I wrote the post and you commented...but apparently did not comment (I am playing catch up tonight...or trying anyway). Blogging is a mystery...I cannot figure it out. I see people with so-so posts gain huge followings and brilliant people struggle to find there place. Just enjoy yourself and do what you want to do. Thanks for the shout out!