Sunday, March 25, 2012

Always Learning the Hard Way!

As you know, chalk paint has become my favorite crafting supply. I have just about painted everything I could think of in chalk paint. From window frames to terracota pots to clay pigs, I see everyday items as chalk paint possibilities. 

When I came across a chalk painted serving tray I naturally was excited about the possibilities. I quickly purchased the paint product, Pebeo Porcelaine Paint. 

If you read my blog post on The Truth About Martha Stewart Crackle Paint you know what comes next. I jumped head first into a shallow pool of water. Okay.... maybe not that dramatic but I dove my paint brush into this new paint with such excitement that I never stopped to ask for directions. (So typical) 

Had I researched this paint a little further I would have first found that not only had I applied the paint entirely incorrectly but also purchased the wrong paint by mistake! 

The results: A streaky cheese plater with a low gloss. My new cheese platter looks like a 3 year old painted it. So typical. 

I hate the saying hind site is 20/20. Obviously! So here is what I learned: 

Purchase the CORRECT porcelaine chalk paint.  I purchased Anthracite Black Brilliant Gloss. (why I didn't think it was odd the first time I read "brilliant gloss" is beyond me. Pulling hair out now) 

Follow Directions! Wit and Whistle gives very simplified directions on how to apply. (Read after the fact, of course) What it doesn't share is some of the simple techniques that help your application. 

I found a video that shared some useful details like; what type of brush to use, don't shake the paint (only stir) and how many coats to apply. The video is in a different language but has subtitles in english. Very useful! 

Once again, I learned my lesson the hard way. Now I have one UGLY cheese platter, and porcelaine paint that I will never use again. (Each bottle is about $7.00 before shipping. I of course bought 4 bottles and paid for expedited shipping.) Again, real smart Lauren! 

Oh well, happy Sunday everyone! I am off to start a new project that I actually know how to do! 


  1. I love this!! Pinned it to my pinboard and it got lots of repins! :) X

  2. Thank you! It's always nice to laugh at your mistakes isn't it?!?