Monday, January 9, 2012

Valentine's Day: Get Creative!

When department stores start putting up the Christmas decor in October, I have to fight the urge to puke. Christmas, let's just say is not my favorite holiday. 

I am not a total Grinch. I do like holidays. My absolute favorite holiday (besides my birthday month) is Valentines Day. Not because of the mushy love stuff, because on Valentines day you have a real excuse to put pink hearts everywhere! And pink is my absolute favorite color! 

I wanted to connect Valentines Day with some of the fun projects I work on with my Etsy store. I needed a little inspiration away from the windows, something fun and light that could put anyone in a good mood. And if Christmas can upstage Thanksgiving, I figured it wasn't too soon to start decorating for Valentines Day. 

I started off with getting some purpose out of all the tiny flower pots that have been sitting unused for months in my garage. 

It was simple really, a ribbon and a chalk board vinyl I cut out with my way cool new heart paper punch. 

And some Chalk Paint for good measure! 

I also went out and bought some simple frames that I of course had to cover in chalk paint! 

Simple and fun! I just can't wait for Valentines Day! Now, to find some photos to add in here! 

I will be posting these on my Etsy site tonight, so if you aren't up for DIY, buy handmade on Etsy! 

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