Friday, January 27, 2012

Less Hands on Creating, More Online Creating!

I have not posted anything new in a while. Partly because I still have not put the finishing touches on my coffee table, (The Martha Stewart Crackle Paint nightmare coffee table) and partly because I have been very busy working on my new website! 

My website has been a bit of a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it was super frustrating, not knowing what I wanted it to portray, and then not being able to express what I wanted to my web designer. Needless to say, countless of dollars later, I got a new vision and have now hit the ground running. 

My first website that I didn't share with anyone used Joomla For anyone who is a web guru, Joomla must be great. I am not one of those said web gurus. So, when I met Theresa Buergh of Tipping the V Web Design I was immediately relieved when she told me that I could make my own website and I didn't have to pull all my hair out. 

Theresa set me up with a website through wordpress. Wordpress started off as a site for blogging but now has so many options! And it was cheap too! I bought a website theme with hundreds of options for only $30! With all the options I have, I almost wish I would have limited my choices because I spend so much time working on different layouts and then finally going back to the original one I chose. 

Anyways, I LOVE wordpress and I love Theresa for helping me see the light! Of course, she could make me a beautiful website without me spending hours on it, but since I am working on being a DIY kinda girl I thought I needed to do this one on my own. 

Here is a sneak peak at my site!

My website will reflect all the things I am up to. From working on special events, to my Windows by the Sea to creating an online resume (in hopes that if I can't quit my day job, I'll at least be able to find an even better one!) 

At some point, I will be switching my blog over to the new site. For now, I will continue with blogger and I am such an amateur with wordpress and am happy to finally figure out how to post photos! If anyone knows how to post PDFs so I can upload my portfolio, please let me know! 

Anyways, my idea with the homepage is that I wanted to reflect my sense of community. As many of you know, being involved in my community is very important to me. I added photos of what Seal Beach means to me. Ron took most of them for me. Isn't he a great photographer? 

My special events page will reflect the events I have done in the past and plan to do in the future. I begin planning the 1k Fun Run for the Seal Beach Race next week. Really looking forward to it! And although I haven't announced it yet, I keep thinking of ways to improve the 2012 Wag N' Walk.... so, I may as well admit that I plan to do that one again. 

At some point I would like to have my Window by the Sea page, to be a bit more sophisticated. But for now, I am proud of my efforts. 

So here is the sneak peak. Would LOVE some constructive criticism. (Keep in mind this is my first time!) 

I am also working on a top secret very special present for a very special one-year-old. Photos of that to follow!