Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pinterest, I love you but you make me angry

There is no hiding my love for Pinterest. I discovered the social networking site a few months ago and have been absolutely hooked ever since! Just this week, Etsy added a Pinterest button for easy pinning (Finally!) 

For those of you who haven't experienced the addiction for yourself, Pinterest is a way to keep all your ideas together on an idea board. For instance, your having a family get together and your looking up ideas on what to serve, decoration etc. you can "pin" your ideas to a board. Check it out for yourself, it's great! But Beware: Pinterest is incredibly addicting! 

Okay, so the reason why Pinterest is currently making me angry (and perhaps someone has the answer for me) is, I am constantly searchin online for new creative ideas. I currently have a few friends and family who are asking me to create specialty items for them. (I haven't forgotten who you are, I have just been in a bit of a creative rut) Anyways, searching the web I find items I would love to pin to my idea board and....... 


Pinterest, you come up with an addictive service and then you do this to me!?!! Really? Why? 

So, for those of you who follow my pin boards, I am creating this blog post in hopes that I can actually pin these photos. And to the people I have stolen these pictures from; thank you for your creative ideas. I would be giving you credit if Pinterest would let me! 

Green house made from old window frames. Love this! 

Shadow Box Window Frame. I think I will be attempting this soon for my spare room! 
(I know... I know... after I finish all the projects I have already promised everyone else!) 

Now this one is really unique. Photography isn't great but what a great idea! A Princess Canopy out of an old window frame! 

I'ts a little frilly for my taste but what a great idea! I would like to see how this looks with a little burlap! 

If there is anyone out there who can join me with my frustration with Pinterest, please let me know I am not alone! Or, If I am crazy and no one else is experiencing this..... why me?!?! 

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