Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Pig: A Great Find!

Ron and I went to Grass Valley a couple of weeks ago. On our trip we went into a very quant second hand store. There, I was overwhelmed by projects. So many great bargains that you could turn into real treasures! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take much home with me as we were traveling by plane. What I did managed to get into my bag gave me some very strange looks from the Security Guards during check in! 

This great find was only 50 cents! I couldn't believe me luck! Ron argued that there is no reason to purchase a porcelain pig. There wasn't even a slot to make it a piggy bank. But this mean looking pig called to me, I just had to have him. I quickly named him Fred. Why Fred? Because most of the ridiculous things I own or have made have a name. Fred was his name and 50 cents was his price. How could I just not take him home? 

I am a little strange when it comes to useless items. I just love them. Since I was a kid, I loved going to places like Color Me Mine, a paint your own pottery place. I would always pick an item that looked like it had been on the shelf for months. Collecting dust, unwanted. 

That is how I found Pete the Raccoon... I believe I painted him at age 8 or 9, but I can't be sure. He has been with me a very long time. 

Ron just doesn't appreciate Pete as he sits by the front door looking cute. Sydney, our dog doesn't really understand him. But there wasn't a vote... Pete stays. The End. 

Now Ted, my other useless creature that is only allowed to be in the garden because that's the only place Ron tolerates these guys, was created last year with my friend Katie. It was a funny story how Ted came to be mine. Katie and I were having dinner with our boyfriends in Costa Mesa. As we were leaving to take the party back to Katie's house, we spotted a Color Me Mine. We took one look at one another and both had the same idea. We quickly kicked our boyfriends to the curb and spent the rest of our Friday night painting. Maybe this is why Ron doesn't like Ted. 

Cute isn't he? 

Now I have one more garden creature that really is a conversation starter. And thats Lilly the Frog. 
I am not really sure how the frog came to be apart of my collection. I believe another family member who finds my quirkiness amusing painted Lilly. Either way, Lilly stays. 

Now, back to Fred the pig. I had to come up with a good use for him that wasn't in the garden. I feared that my neighbors were going to start complaining that I had more figurines than flowers. And I wasn't sure Ron was going to let me add one more "ridiculous" creature to my collection. 

So what did I do? I made Fred a chalk board!!! Now Fred has total purpose, and he fits well with my Etsy theme! Perfect. Another win for useless objects! 
I could even use Fred to write Ron and I's gym schedule for the week. But maybe, I shouldn't push it. 

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