Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunset Beach CA

It is amazing what you can find when your not even looking.

The day we found this particular window, the one that began this whole idea, was just an ordinary Saturday afternoon.

We rode our bikes down to the beach. A little over a mile ride, it was a beautiful sunny day and the exercise was much needed. For us anyways, Sydney our dog didn't appreciate being dragged along to the beach as much as we thought she might. Apparently a mile is a bit too far for our big girl.

I am constantly saying, we need to come up with a business idea. A beach girl a heart, I desperately need to find a profession that will take me out of the office, and into the outdoors. Something I can be passionate about and use my pent up creativity. As Ron and I discussed my varying degrees of crazy ideas, Sydney almost ran into my inspiration.

Right there behind the beach houses, also known as multi million dollar mansions in Southern California, was this old discarded window.

Its strange to say but, I almost felt bad for this treasure. Here it was sitting next to the trash cans of these amazing homes. discarded, forgotten about, trash. There isn't use for an old beat up single pane window  next to these well manicured shoe boxes with double pane windows. But here is was, at it was mine!

It's cliche to say, one man's trash is another man's treasure but.... thats how I felt!

Hopefully you find the treasure in this window frame chalk board as much as I do!

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