Tuesday, August 16, 2011

it's getting there

I have been feeling slightly miffed by this injury of mine. I haven't been doing much playing, haven't been doing any working out and certainly haven't done any heavy lifting. I get frustrated pretty easily. (if you couldn't tell, just spend a day with me)

Yesterday all that changed.

I received an order on Etsy yesterday. A simple chalk board frame that I have already created, or at least I thought I had already created. Turns out, as I went to search through my finished goods yesterday, I had already sold it! You can imagine my panik as I thought what am I going to do!

I took a deep breath, grabbed a window frame from my unfinished goods pile and got to work! WOW that felt much better! Being productive and creative is much more fun than feeling sorry for yourself! And although it was a physical struggle to get the first coat of primer on this window frame. I did it and did it with a smile!

Now all I need to do is bug that boy friend of mine for my own work bench! Look at this! It's covered with tools and such that I don't possibly need. Any suggestion on how I am going to get this accomplished? ;)

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