Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Collecting Supplies

We are getting very excited about our new product, Window by the Sea!

Last night was our first real test run with  painting the windows. Ron and I went back and fourth on keeping them authentic or adding a little of our personal touch to them. Ron actually won this battle (surprising I know) and we began to lightly paint and sand one of our windows in a light sea foam green.

Once the paint dried and we sanded through to the original paint, I was so thankful Ron had talked me into using this technique. The window looked fabulous! I was slightly jealous, the chalk board window in my kitchen isn't as cute as this one.

Ron began the tedious job of masking each side so we could apply the chalk board paint. While he was masking and painting, I was cutting wine corks. All these corks I collected over the months was a product of long nights with neighbors and friends, sitting on the patio enjoying the fire coming from the chimenea and enjoying the good wine and company.

It took me much longer than needed to cut these wine corks. With each cork I tried to remember the bottle it came from. I tried to remember the night it was opened and who it was shared. This window didn't only look cute as a chalk board in sea foam green, it has memories of all my late nights with the people I care about.

This window is hopefully a first of many, chalk board meet wine cork board, meet shabby chic window!

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